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Who We Are

The AU Coalition for a Nuclear-Free World is a student organization at American University (AU) in Washington, D.C. Our
association aims to eliminate nuclear weapons in the effort to achieve world peace.

Although the Cold War has ended, we still face the threat of nuclear weapons, weapons so destructive that a single one can
eradicate an entire city. Furthermore, they pollute the environment and damage the genetic structure of survivors for
decades after.

Now, more than ever, abolishing these weapons is essential to ensuring the safety of humankind. We feel that the danger of
nuclear roliferation and the recent increase in the number of nuclear states are problem which are too often overlooked.
Our association bears itness to the horror of the nuclear holocaust in Hiroshima and Nagasaki as a first step towards global
peace, and provides a forum for discussion of the nuclear issues we face today.

What We Do

We work in cooperation with many organizations both within and outside the United States to help inform others about
nuclear issues. Since established, the AU Coalition for a Nuclear-Free World has facilitated Japanese nuclear survivors who
come to the United States to give speeches. We participate in peace demonstrations, antiwar activities, and other
campaigns. Lastly, we always looking for new friends to work for change in our world.

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